Friday, May 27, 2011

world's youngest singer's album at world's top pick

          World's youngest singer Atithi Gautam KC, world widely famous for releasing album at the tender age of 3, has now appeared in the musical world with her second album 'Atithi-2' which has been launched at the highest pick of the world Mt. Everest dated 18th May, 2011 by the youngest civil servant of Nepal, Khimlal Gautam.
          'I have no word to express my happiness at the time of releasing album' Says Gautam, one of the member of climbing team, comprising 9 civil servant to be in the pick for the first time on behalf of the civil servant of Nepal,'I showed the youngest singer's album to my fellow climbers, a thought came to me that whole world was witnessing it. From the top, the world appears below.'
          Atithi-2' comprises four English songs that includes White and bright Mt Everest.., Sun has no nation.., Watch does say, All the time you keep on.. and a Tarana (a kind of classical song in Eastern music). All the lyrics are written by Ghanashyam Khadka and composed by Joogal Dangol.
          Atithi had earlier released her first album 'Atithi' in 18 July 2010. Media from all over the world has given her talent a large coverage. World Records Academy of America, India book of Record and World Amazing Records have already recognized her as the youngest singer of the world. Guinness book is also in process to recognize her talent. She has  been given dozens of national and international certificates, award and appreciation letters. Atithi who is beginning to read and write, can play piano in perfect notes. Regarding her talent as unbelievable, topmost personalities of Nepal including Prime Minister and other dignitaries, have met the singer.

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